last update 17th March 2020


So the time has come, a little earlier than we had hoped, when we have to suspend meeting for Scottish dancing.

With the batch of guidance issued yesterday, even our younger members have to limit socialising and our older members face more stringent restriction for 12 weeks.

So last evening was our last meeting for a while. Fittingly we finished the season with the 6 couple dance, Monday Night Reel.

Clearly the April Birthdays Party is affected. Our June 13 dance falls at the end of the 12th week so that is also in doubt. Our working assumption in Chardstock last evening was that we would plan to meet again for our dance on 1 August using the programme published for 25 April.

Our AGM will have to be delayed until the new season in September. Your Committee will remain in place until then.

We should look out for each other through the summer. We are encouraged to keep exercising so perhaps we could explore the lesser known footpaths, take comfort from the birds going about their business as usual, and enjoy the countryside. . .

With best wishes,

David A


P.S. You'll find NHS advice on keeping yourself well at: